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 Post subject: The CIA, Controlled Opposition & Ideological Confusion
PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:03 pm 

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I made this topic to feel out how knowledgeable/open minded people in this forum are about the various research and documentation that has been done on the efforts of the security state and intelligence apparatus in managing working class dissent. For the purpose of this thread I would also add, that there are efforts of the intelligence apparatus to also shape culture, and by extension the culture of resistance. I think there might be a prevailing notion here that the reason why movements fail to organize the working class is ‘natural’ due to the lack of revolutionary discipline or ideological shortcomings. While this is certainly true, but let’s ask ourselves why that may be the case? Is it ‘natural’ that some prominent revolutionary orgs are just terrible and completely incapable of organizing the working class? Is their flaw that they just don’t read enough and lack praxis? Or is it also possible that infiltration and covert methods of shaping their discourse by the bourgeois state is also responsible for the apparent self-defeat of would-be revolutionary movements? I would think that most people here are aware that there is inevitably some cointel pro type of infiltration going on that involves phony organizers snitching on activists. But the actual shaping of revolutionary discourse is something that has also been documented. This book (admittedly, I have only read this review of it) explores the Cold War era cultural programs that were designed to adopt leftist/socialist politics and attack communism from the left. ... revisited/
It begs us to ask how much of our understanding of communism and communist history is informed by a CIA cultural program. While I definitely do not mean to imply that all criticisms weighed against the 20th century Marxist-Leninist and Maoist movements are part of a conspiracy to demonize and turn public opinion against America’s enemies, but I think it is important to consider these facts when we look at the general public’s perception of communism. This state sponsored sabotage extends not only to direct attacks on communism but also on the base of Marxist philosophy, it seems that post-structuralism/postmodernism was also heavily promoted by CIA cultural programs. Many prominent theorist that self-proclaimed Marxist pay tribute to, Foucault, Derrida, Lacan came into the public eye out of the various symposiums and conferences put up by the Ford Foundation, a known CIA front.

So the question I would like to pose again, is how much of the flaws of say, the occupy movement, is really the result of “organic” self-sabotage stemming from a lack of proper revolutionary thought and how much of such a movement was compromised to begin with? And what if that bankruptness was intentional to keep out real Marxists from taking the stage? What worries me now is that many leftists and even well-read Marxists will look at the organization and politics of Occupy as something worth emulating. Looking at the reactionary anti-semitic politics that occupy did give voice to as well as the suspicious organizations that launched occupy (anonymous, Wikileaks, adbusters) it makes me speculate that perhaps occupy was sort of a fascist entryist honeytrap for young people who were already anti-capitalists (and perhaps would-be communists). I think occupy did a lot of damage for marxists and shaped the “culture” of resistance in a reactionary way.

Anyway that’s just something I wanted to get out there for this forum to chew on if we think it’s a worth-while discussion. Broletariat brought up the concept of ideological confusion which is certainly natural to an extent if we only look at Marxist-Leninist countries that were founded by revolutionary movements and are now more booj than ever. But for us, who, most likely live in the center of western empire, we should look at the possibility of ideological confusion as being a *manipulated* phenomena as well a naturally occurring one.

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 Post subject: Re: The CIA, Controlled Opposition & Ideological Confusion
PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 4:41 pm 
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I think it is impossible to discuss this topic without making reference to the Powell Memo in the United States, which is what I think you were referencing (found here

That being said, we have to ask ourselves, as Marxists, if we are capable of being led in to anti-working class positions by the class enemy, then aren't we already capable of simply accidentally straying in to these positions anyway? And that if we develop our analysis of Capital well enough to know what is and what is not an anti-working class position, is it not the case that we won't be persuaded to, say, support the USSR against America in various cold war conflicts, and simply hold that those who do take such a stance are anti-working class themselves? I.e. the answer is simply to know your Marxism and you are fairly good to go, at a personal individual level of course.

It should be noted that the USSR distributed TONS of propaganda material across the western countries that served to drown out a lot of Marxists like Pannekoek as well. To that I'd like to throw in the Bordiga quote.

Bordiga wrote:
Do you seriously believe (while the whole gigantic bourgeois machine is committed from morning to night, not so much, please note, in refuting the revolutionary theory, as it is in demonstrating that socialist demands can be realized against Marx and against Lenin, and when not only political parties but also established governments swear that they govern, that is, oppress, the masses, in the name of communism) that the arduous and exhausting task of restoring the revolutionary Marxist critique, is merely a theoretical undertaking?

Who would dare to deny that it is also a political labor, an active struggle against the class enemy?

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