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 Post subject: What is RedMarx?
PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:15 am 
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Information about RedMarx:

What is RedMarx?

RedMarx is a forum for the theoretical discussion of communism and related subjects. It is intended to allow for a higher level of discussion between members of the revolutionary left, as well as to allow members to enhance their understanding of socialist theory. The aim of discussion here is, ultimately, to come to the truth, rather than to win an argument, and the purpose of our discussion is hence to work through and arrive at the truth of the matter collectively. As such, we aim to avoid hostility, and rather encourage threads oriented towards figuring things out in a collaborative manner and working through problems instead of internet debate in all its manifold glories. Through this process, we hope to be able to create an educational forum with the knowledge and well-being of its users as its primary end, a forum united in aim if not in views, rather than one in which fractured groups of users compete over victory in debate in an atmosphere of mutual hostility.

Why RedMarx?

RedMarx was created by members of the internet forum 'Revleft' who felt that they wanted a space for more concentrated theoretical discussion in a respectful environment. They were of the view that Revleft was not necessarily conducive to this, and hence created a new forum for it. It was not intended to be a 'replacement' for Revleft, but rather an autonomous forum specializing in discussion of a more involved sort than Revleft did. It is hence a forum with a different purpose and targeted towards a different, or at least more narrow, demographic. As such, we felt that it was worth setting up as its own forum, and it does not have any official position on its relation with Revleft.

Why 'RedMarx'?

Because we have.


Because we are incorrigibly doctrinaire.



How could we be conducive to this aim?

When posting, keep in mind that you are essentially attempting to explore the issue put forward, and clarify the truth of the matter, and are hence not in any competition. Engage the posts of others primarily in order to help them to correct their errors, and insofar as their errors may be illuminating in their source, rather than to admonish or defeat them. If you feel that you have stated your case sufficiently, then you may say so and leave the thread without thereby 'losing' a discussion, because the race for truth has no victors.

It may also be useful to look up our thread on active learning (not yet posted), to help with posting and responding in the Learning board.

Who may post on RedMarx?

Revolutionary socialists in general, so long as they have an interest in discussing and learning about revolutionary theory. From this is generally excluded social democrats, Stalinists (aka. Marxists-Leninists), mutualists, and social-proletocrats. If you are uncertain about whether you would be permitted, please PM an Administrator, rather than posting a thread on the subject. We shall discuss the matter and respond accordingly. Some users may be permitted to remain on the forum so long as they refrain from discussing certain issues.

What do you Admins do?

We attempt to administrate the forum in accordance with its aims, as well as more sinister matters which we need not make you aware of. This administration consists of moderating the forums, splitting threads in order to streamline discussion, and trying to prevent excessive hostility between members. The founding member of the forum is Internationalist, known as Broletariat on Revleft, and we are one forum united under the dictatorship of the Broletariat.

What do the other Admins have to say?

Savage: "The fundamental basis for the creation of RedMarx was to establish a community in which a high level of theoretical discussion could take place, a level that we did not see as possible on revleft. Viewing revleft as a pan-leftist forum, we also wanted to make the site much stricter in the political sense, so as to aid the quality of the content of forum as we see it.

"Whilst we certainly are not un-critical of the manner in which revleft is administrated, our point was not to make a ‘new revleft’ with better administration, especially since it is probably fair to say that the manner of revleft’s administration stems at least somewhat from the large antagonisms that are inherent in the ‘pan-leftist’ demographic. RedMarx does not intend to solve the problems of revleft, as we want its content to be completely different. We will attempt to be as relaxed as possible as administrators and moderators (no one will be banned for saying the word ‘****’ or ‘****’, or for ‘trolling’ by posting one word or one sentence posts), but we will have fairly strict political criteria, as our understanding of communism excludes a lot of revleft posters from the category of ‘communist’.''

Thank you.

"The thing [calculus] has taken such a hold of me that it not only goes round my head all day, but last week in a dream I gave a chap my shirt-buttons to differentiate, and he ran off with them."

- Friedrich Engels.

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