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 Post subject: Le 'Bordiguisme'
PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:04 am 
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Translation of an article from 1925 criticizing Bordiga:

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 Post subject: Re: Le 'Bordiguisme'
PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:26 am 
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This sort of feels like an attempt at legitimising reformism, through presenting Bordigism as primarily an 'attempt to avoid reformism' in total when it's obviously a collection of viewpoints which isn't necessarily reformist or opposes that alongside having various views on other issues, which is different. I think it's fairly evident that reformism didn't do particularly well in such circumstances vis-a-vis fascism and etc., and in brief this article seemed to betray a reactionary tendency inherent in reformism. When it comes to Bordiga on the International, although his views might have issues, I think that there's a certain sense here of the author not really considering the International as an organisation and Bordiga's interest in its efficacy and validity for any purpose, which was sometimes their primary consideration rather than simply considering the 'members' joining the organisation as if that was all that was to occur. "For him, the party is only “the organ of the most advanced faction of the proletariat”, and not its vanguard indissolubly linked with the rest of the masses." Obviously, 'masses' isn't equivalent to 'proletariat,' which is a categorical distinction, but if it were so indissoluble it surely wouldn't require such constant intercourse, vis-a-vis the internal politics of a proletarian party or w/e. At a certain point isn't this just, 'Bordiga says a thing targeted at offending a certain view, and then they simply state that this statement would offend such view and that such view sounds nice so that might resolve the issue in some way.' The charge of 'elitism' really seems to just be tarring Bordiga with a certain snobbishness which would be more at place in heavy metal or someplace. In any case, it mostly seems to be just a list of quotations against Bordiga or possibly so, which reaches on for a while and more or less these just amount to that random people dislike Bordiga, which seems inconsequential in a sense. It also seems implausible that the working class' daily struggles be against 'fascism,' and it's unclear who's peddling the distraction here, or indeed why the Comintern should have enforced its own irrelevance in such a context.

Some marginal notes:

"“Dynamic tendencies”, “transition from passivity to activity”—these are all phrases the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries had used against us." Doubtless. Lenin is such a passive person, you'd almost think that they couldn't make a revolution or would make a mess of it. Perhaps they could have followed their own tendency further at times and left Europe alone to have a revolution whenever necessary, and left Russia alone to do whatever with peasants. Sometimes, to pseudo-paraphrase Bordiga, the worst part about Thatcher is that she's actually Lenin.

"We know Bordiga’s attitude in regards to the antifascist movement of the Arditi del popolo, while the Communist Party did nothing to take direction of the movement and even prohibited its members from supporting it."
All bourgeois movements are anti-fascist, one might as well vote for a right-wing Party because they're 'against big government' or whatever else fascism might be taken to mean. It's still anathema, now literally.

"Bordiga no longer advocates anti-parliamentarism – he fell into step on this – but its spirit is still there. We saw that with regard to the united front as a programme and a tactic."
Surely the point with parliamentarism needn't be to encourage people to vote for something external.

"forgetting the words which he pronounced at the fourth congress"
Preventing comrades 'of position' from resigning by holding their positions hostage and being a **** about things is such a mess, why not hold others hostage instead to encourage people to join or whatever. Surely their divergence from such statements as that could be accepted. Nonetheless, I think that it's clear that at some point they saw that organisation as beneficial and then it became a drag.

"The factional attempt of the "critiques" by the extreme left thus has had the response which it deserved. The PCI has since long left behind Bordigism and no longer wants to feed itself with the substitutes and the "correctives" which Bordiga brings to it instead and in place of Marxism and revolutionary Leninism."
I think one can aptly surmise that the rejection of Bordigists by the PCI wasn't a result of some strict adherence to 'Marxism.'

"After the death of Lenin, the main worry of Bordiga is not to apprehend the essence of Leninism and to teach it to his party which has need of it."
This is a weird thing to say of the period 'after the death of Lenin,' Leninism had a specific meaning back then. In any case 'Leninism' is here probably associated with various positions rather than theory, and it's not entirely sure what he's supposed to be doing which should distract him from concern about an organisation, nor why this should be precipitated just because Lenin decided to take a walk. It also seems bizarre, by the way, to praise attacks against Bordiga by others in an organisation but then take any that he makes on them to be a problem.

"They do not understand the mass movement: that is why consciously or not, that want to transform our party into a sect. The Comintern will not permit it and will act severely, because it represents that genuine communist conception, justified by the experience of numerous struggles of the proletariat'."
The amusing thing about this statement is more Bordiga's ability to influence this statement to the extent that they basically start speaking against themselves by the end, as if despite this being merely a split formation of a Bordigist sect. Surely the 'genuine communist conception' as justified is in any case not going to be merely a question of a 'sect' on the whole, although perhaps the organisation was itself fairly irrelevant except as a slightly degenerate state organ for states avowedly capitalist. Bukharin, of course, is really a footnote to Bordiga generally, and not only because their name is less flashy.

"After the fifth congress, the majority of the Italian comrades convinced themselves of the errors of Bordiga; the workers' movement revives itself; fascism goes through a crisis; our party develops rapidly thanks to the correctness of its tactic."
If it were a strictly communist Party, then that is the only means by which it could develop. Otherwise, there are plenty of other reasons why the Party could grow, and fascism only really came into international conflict with the bourgeoisie and Jews which is to say the bourgeoisie.

"In a word, after a long period of 'half-abstentionism', it finally turns to the masses."
After a long period it tries to hide its essence from the masses. This is called PMSing.

"After having tried all illegal procedures, Mussolini lets parliament vote a law on "secret associations", whose goal is to suffocate the party by legal means."
For Bordiga, at least, this must be cathartic. Perhaps it is now they who have mass appeal.

"Let us hope that the formal dissolution of the Committee of Agreement will be followed by the complete disappearance of factions in the PCI."
At a certain point the removal of factions in the PCI really removes its interest, it was a bit of rubbish.

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