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 Post subject: Anti-imperialism
PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:17 pm 
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This topic came up in my conversation with N00bMarxist so I've decided to continue and conclude it here.

The topic began upon discussion of the following two pieces regarding the Chilean 9/11 ... s-to-1973/ ... pointblank

The point I wanted to emphasis when discussing these pieces was that the proletarian has no ally in the class struggle, more pointedly, that it cannot rely on the national bourgeois to protect it from foreign imperialism.

The statement N00bMarxist made that best summarised their position was

"But take syria for example. Obviously assad and the baathist gov are enemies of the working class, but at the same time the so called syrian revolution is essentially made up of foreign backed contras. You have a split among the left, half backs the gov the other backs the opposition. And like im not gonna sit here and claim that assad is good for the syrian working class but you have to be kidding yourself if you dont believe that the syrian rev isnt a foreign backed coup. I guess my point is, that even when weaker bourgeois states are under attack by basically the larger bourgeois block of power who do you sympathize with? I guess you can always ignore it, i just dont know what to say about utterly hopeless situations like syria, but i do feel compelled to propagandize against empire"

Essentially the situation feels hopeless because there is no working class alternative present, so the question is, always, what is to be done?

Well, for those members of the working class that do live in Syria, their objective is to oppose both their own bourgeois, and the foreign imperialist bourgeois. Practically this would take the shape of a movement not dissimilar to what was seen prior to Allende disarming and disrupting the movement of his working class. Were the movement to be successful, the workers' would arm themselves and engage in "real" anti-imperialism by militarily ousting the foreign bourgeois and ousting their own bourgeois from power.

For members of the working class living in imperialist countries, the objective is to attack the local bourgeois forcing them to withdraw their troops from abroad to deal with the new domestic issue. Practically this wouldn't be terribly dissimilar from the Vietnam anti-war movements.

The second listed article mentions that "existing reality is always presented in terms of false alternatives." and we can see this here where our apparent choice is between Allende or Pinochet, or more generally between foreign imperialist powers or the local/national bourgeois. This same false dilemma is one which is presented on a 4-year basis to the American working class. We do not oppose Clinton to Trump or Trump to Clinton, or even Sanders/Stein to the previous two. We oppose bourgeois power in its entirety, and in its place we propose proletarian power.

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